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Past Research Highlights

November/December 2008
Water, Conservation, and Exurban Development in Semiarid Grasslands of Southwestern North America -- Impacts on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Fall 2008
Annotated Definitions of Selected Geomorphic Terms and Related Terms of Hydrology, Sedimentology, Soil Science and Ecology

Spring 2007
Two Decades of Change in the Distribution of Exotic Plants at the Desert Laboratory, Tucson, Arizona

November/December 2006
Debris flows and Record Floods from Extreme Convective Thunderstorms over the Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona

October 2006
Progress on Establishing a USA-National Phenology Network (NPN)

Summer 2006
A History of Dramatic Lake-Level Changes on the Bolivian Altiplano

April/May 2006
A New Hominid Cranium from Gona, Afar, Ethiopia

January/February/March 2006
Overkill in Near Time: The Meaning of Prehistoric Extinctions

November/December 2005
Beyond radiocarbon's "black hole": 14C dating samples older than 40,000 yrs

October 2005
A pollen history of vegetation and climate in the most arid sector of the Atacama, the driest desert in the world

August/September 2005
El Niños and displays of spring-flowering annuals in the Mojave and Sonoran Desert

June/July 2005
Use of Strontium Isotopic Ratios to Determine Sources of Architectural Timber in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

April/May 2005
Twentieth Century Demographic Changes in Cirio and Cardón in Baja California, México.

March 2005
Influence of Climatic Variability on Local Population Dynamics of a Sonoran Desert Platyopuntia

February 2005
Sonoran Desert Annuals on Tumamoc Hill

January 2005
Paleoenvironments of the Earliest Toolmakers

November/December 2004
Microbial Life in the Atacama Desert

October 2004
Precipitation Variability in Semi-Arid Regions of Western North America

September 2004
The Chemistry of Fossil Lake Bonneville

July/August 2004
Temporal and Spatial Patterns in Emergence and Early Survival of Perennial Plants in the Sonoran Desert

June 2004
All Ecosystems Are Equally Productive Under Drought Conditions

May 2004
Glacial-Interglacial Vegetation Change in the USA-Mexico Borderlands

April 2004
Pacific and Atlantic Ocean Influences on Multidecadal Drought Frequency in the U.S.

March 2004
Dynamics of Holocene Plant Migration: Role of Landscape Structure and Climate Variability

February 2004
Soil Disturbance via Tree Mortality by Root Throw

January 2004
Radiocarbon Dating of Gastropod Shells

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